Under 18 Selections

Gibraltar U18 selection will participate in European Championship Division C in Pristina, Kosovo from 22 to 29 July.
Drawn in Group B where they will play Cyprus on Sunday 22, San Marino on Tuesday 24 and Kosovo on Thursday 26.
Group A: Armenia, Monaco, Malta, Ireland and Moldova.
Classification games on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29.
Players: Rafael Aradas, Louis Davies, Mohamed El Yettefti, Alex Garcia, Mikey Jeffries, Jamie Mesilio, Michael Rodriguez, Michael Ruiz, Liam Santos, Harry Taylor, Stefan Tellez and Sami Tunbridge.
Coach: Stuart Felice.
Assistant coach and Head of Delegation: Raul Garcia.
Manager: Michael Ruiz.
Masseur: Domingo Moreno.
Referee: James Dominique.

Gibraltar Under 18 Women's selection will participate in European Women's Championship Division C in Andorra from 24 to 29 July.
There are only 4 teams in this tournament. Gibraltar wiil play Moldova on Tuesday 24, Andorra on Wednesday 25 and Malta on Thursday 26. The classification games (1st v 4th, 2nd v 3rd) will be played on Saturday 28 and the medal games on Sunday 29.
Players: Mireya Benitez, Grace Davis, Anabella De la Chica, Camille Dignat, Emily Feeke,
Arianne Garro, Jayde Garro, Anita Pereira, Marta Perez, Caitlin Robba, Adriana Villada, Bea Villada.
Coach: Paco Zafra.
Assistant coach: Kaira Sene.
Head of Delegation: Marcelo Zubiran
Referee: Shane Bassett (in his last FIBA tournament before retiring from international officiating at the end of August).






The GABBA Senior League programmes were completed last week but the season is far from over. With 33 games scheduled to be played in the next 3 weeks, the 3 Youth Leagues - U18, U15 and U13 – and the Knockout Cup will, no doubt, provide healthy competition before the season is over.






Hassans Blue Stars 72 (Sami Tunbridge 17, Abel Martinez 14, Angel Guerrero 13, Nicky Gracia 13) – Laundry La Colada 70 (Gustavo Guerra 36, Fran Gonzalez 14);


CS Bayside Argus 80 (Carlos Perez 24, Aaron Turner 16, Lucas Perez 11) - Valmar Harlem 74 (Jamie Sercombe 32, Mohamed El Yettefti 25).




Valmar Harlem Veterans 70 (Yassin Benyoussef 20, Rhys Borge 18) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 59 (Kyle Tellez 21, Adrian Castellon 18, Julian Smart 12);


Hassans Blue Stars Reserves 72 (Alan Perez 13, Nicky Gracia 12, Jaygan Chipol 11) – CS Bayside Argus Reserves 66 (Stefan Tellez 16, Reagan Lima 15, Jamie Mesilio 15, Jeremy Britto 10);


Europa 80 (Andrew Barratt 36, Daniel Sisarello 14, Saul Martinez 14) – CS Bayside Argus Reserves 63 (Mesilio 27, Mikey Jeffries 21);


Hassans Blue Stars Reserves 107 (Gracia 27, Federico Bertetti 23, Chipol 15, Rafa Aradas 13, Julian Hernandez 10) – Valmar Harlem Veterans 37 (Tom Tunbridge 12, Airidas Viktorov 10).




U18’s 90 (Anabella De la Chica 28, Bea Villada 22, Emily Feeke 18, Patricia De Hoyos 13) – U16’s 15.




Valmar Harlem 100 (Michael Ruiz 34, Mohamed El Yettefti 22, Yassin Benyoussef 18, Airidas Viktorov 16) – Laundry La Colada 64 (Gustavo Dignat 23, Zayne DaCosta 13, Javi Guerra 12).




Valmar Harlem 56 (Alex Undery 24, Jaydan Wink 10) – Hassans Blue Stars 15;


CS Bayside Argus 62 (Manu Carrion 18, John Cassaglia 15, Julian Britto 11) - Laundry La Colada 59 (Javi Guerra 29, Gustavo Dignat 15).




CS Bayside Argus 48 (Sam Serra 12, Manu Carrion 10) – Hassans Blue Stars 18;


Valmar Harlem 39 – Laundry La Colada 34.




FIRST  DIVISION                                   P          W        L        N/A         Pts

1. CS Bayside Argus                                12         11        1           -              23

2. Hassans Blue Stars                               12          8        4            -              20

3. Laundry La Colada                             12          4         8           -              16 *

4. Gibyellow                                              12          4         8           -              16

5. Valmar Harlem                                    12          3         8           1             14


  • 2-1 on head-to-head


SECOND DIVISION                                P          W        L        N/A         Pts

1. Hassans Blue Stars Reserves               12         11         1          -              23

2. Europa                                                   12          8         4           -              20

3. CS Bayside Argus Reserves                 12          5         7           -              17

4. Valmar Harlem Reserves                     12          4         8           -              16

5. Valmar Harlem Veterans                     12          2        10          -              14


WOMEN                                                     P          W        L         N/A         Pts

1. Stars                                                         9           8          1           -              17

2. Magic                                                       9           5          3           1             13

3. U18’s                                                        9           4          3           2             11

4. U16’s                                                        9           1          8           -              10         






Valmar Harlem registered a convincing win over CS Bayside Argus to go a step closer to taking the U18 League title. They led 37-31 at half-time and, in spite of losing the third quarter by one point, doubled the difference at the end. These two teams still have to play each other twice and, before they do, Valmar also have two games against nearest challengers Hassans Blue Stars, but a win in either of these latter two would be enough to clinch the title. Valmar are also the only unbeaten team in all GABBA League competitions.






CS Bayside Argus 85 (Lucas Perez 27, Carlos Perez 19, Jamie Mesilio 12, Aaron Turner 11) – Hassans Blue Stars 79 (Angel Guerrero 37, Carlos Trujillo 16, Nicky Gracia 12);


Valmar Harlem 85 (Karel Alecio 25, Jamie Sercombe 21, Michael Ruiz 15, G. Tamulis 14) – Gibyellow 70 (Antonio Muñoz 21, Chris Noon 14, Nathan Nanwani 11);


Laundry La Colada 78 (Gustavo Guerra 32, Juanma Cabrita 25, Oscar Gomez 14) – Gibyellow 73 (Jordan Seeley 19, Nanwani 13, Sean McGlashan 12).




CS Bayside Argus 68 (Jeremy Britto 24, John Cassaglia 18, Patrick Barnes 13) – Valmar Harlem Veterans 64 (Jamie McGrail 24, Rhys Borge 16, Yassin Benyoussef 14);


Europa 74 (Romain Molina 23, Sean McGlashan 23, Jack Kearney 14) - Valmar Harlem Reserves 41 (Michael Ruiz 23, Rodney Sheriff 11).




Magic 73 (Paula España 20, Vanesa Cana 18, Alex Mauro 13) – U16’s 50 (Nanda Teuma 12, Celene Griffin 10).




Hassans Blue Stars 76 (Sami Tunbridge 26, Liam Santos 19, Haitham El Hichou 16, Ahmed El Hana 15) – Laundry La Colada 44 (Javi Guerra 16, Gustavo Dignat 11;


Valmar Harlem 68 (Aimad Benyoussef 20, Rhys Borge 17, Mohamed El Yettefti 15) – CS Bayside Argus 56 (Jamie Mesilio 28, Stefan Tellez 19).




CS Bayside Argus 83 (John Cassaglia 22, Liam Yeats 22, Lance Prescott 13, Seb Cassaglia 12, Callum Viñales 10) – Hassans Blue Stars 23 (Francis Huart 13);


Laundry La Colada 76 (Javi Guerra 50, Gustavo Dignat 20) – Valmar Harlem 62 (Jamie McGrail 34, Alex Undery 18).




CS Bayside Argus 47 (Manuel Muñoz 24) – Laundry La Colada 41 (Seth Davidson 18, James Wilson 16);


Valmar Harlem 47 – Hassans Blue Stars 33 (Stevie Linares 18, Aman Shivdasani 10).

Friday 16th March 2018



Four of the eight games in last week’s reduced League programmes were in the U18 category. Valmar Harlem’s two wins places them in the lead with a 4-0 record, having now beaten Hassans Blue Stars (2-2) and Laundry La Colada (0-4) twice each, but yet to play CS Bayside Argus (2-2), who have lost twice to Hassans but beaten La Colada twice. In the latest games, Hassans were at full strength when beating Bayside but missing their two main men when losing to Valmar.




Women’s League leaders Stars lost their unbeaten record to Under 18’s in a thrilling game which was decided in overtime. More performances like that from the youngsters, who still have to play second-placed Magic twice and Stars once, can throw the competition wide open.






Magic 67 (Paula España 30, Vanesa Cana 12, Taz Mahabeer 11, Romina Chipolina 10) – U16’s 44 (Jayde Garro 12, Nanda Teuma 12);


U18’s 68 (Mireya Benitez 24, Anabella De la Chica 18) – Stars 66 (Zaynia Reyes 22, Courtney Ferrer 14, Joelle Grech 13).




CS Bayside Argus Reserves 96 (Jeremy Britto 24, Nacho Pedrero 23, Mikey Jeffries 11) – Valmar Harlem Veterans 42 (Jamie McGrail 16, Rhys Borge 13);


Valmar Harlem Reserves 53 (Michael Ruiz 17, Jared Olivero 14, Aimad Benyoussef 11) – Europa 52 (Jack Kearney 13, Andrew Teuma 11, Andrew Barratt 10).




Valmar Harlem 71 (Mohamed El Yettefti 25, Aimad Benyoussef 16, Michael Ruiz 11) – Laundry La Colada 44 (Zayne DaCosta 13);


Hassans Blue Stars 73 (Rafa Aradas 42, Alex Garcia 15) – CS Bayside Argus 53 (Jamie Mesilio 24, Stefan Tellez 10);


CS Bayside Argus 85 (Mesilio 24, Tellez 22, Guido Castro 12, Liam Yeats 11) – Laundry La Colada 48 (DaCosta 16, Javi Guerra 12);


Valmar Harlem 78 (BenYoussef 38, Ruiz 21, El Yettefti 10) – Hassans Blue Stars 62 (Sami Tunbridge 16, Ethan Penfold 12, Ahmed El Hana 10).

Thursday 1st March 2018




GABBA First Division holders CS Bayside Argus hit back from their first defeat in almost 2 years, at the hands of Gibyellow a week before, to comfortably defeat nearest rivals Hassans Blue Stars and take an important step towards retaining their title. The damage was done in the first-half, so much so that midway through the second quarter Bayside’s lead was a scandalous 41-14. Blue Stars dug deep and succeeded in stemming the tide, beginning with a 13-3 split before the break and edging the second-half 37-36, but it was no more than damage limitation.

In the other game played, Gibyellow recorded their second consecutive win, this time against Valmar Harlem.

These were the last First Division games for 3 weeks as basketball, along with futsal, netball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis, make way for professional pool and snooker in the TSH. A total of 22 games in the different basketball leagues have been rescheduled.






Gibyellow 75 (Antonio Muñoz 20, Rafa Porras 15, Brandon Sawyer 12) – Valmar Harlem 69 (Jamie Sercombe 18, Aimad Benyoussef 12, Marius Grigaitis 11);


CS Bayside Argus 80 (Aaron Turner 25, Lucas Perez 16, Jamie Mesilio 12) – Hassans Blue Stars 64 (Angel Guerrero 25, Carlos Trujillo 12, Abel Martinez 10).




Stars 48 (Courtney Ferrer 14, Anika Perez 14, Joelle Grech 12) – Magic 46 (Paula España 20).




CS Bayside Argus 59 (Julian Britto 18, John Cassaglia 15, Manuel Muñoz 12) – Valmar Harlem 12 (Jamie McGrail 20, Jaydan Wink 11, Javier Trenado 10, Alex Undery 10);


Laundry La Colada 55 (Javi Guerra 23) – Hassans Blue Stars 31 (Callum Hellier 11, Gianni Gonzalez 10).

                                                      LEAGUE  TABLES


FIRST  DIVISION                                 P               W             L              Pts

CS Bayside Argus                                 7                6              1                13

Hassans Blue Stars                              6                4              2                10

Laundry La Colada                              6                3              3                  9

Gibyellow                                               7                2              5                  9

Valmar Harlem                                     6                1              5                 7


SECOND  DIVISION                             P                W               L                Pts

Hassans Blue Stars Reserves               6                  6                -                  12

Europa                                                    6                  3                3                   9

CS Bayside Argus Reserves                  5                  3                2                   8

Valmar Harlem Reserves                     6                  1                5                   7

Valmar Harlem Veterans                     5                  1                4                   6


WOMEN                                                   P                 W               L                Pts

Stars                                                          4                  4                 -                 8

Magic                                                        4                  2                 2                  6

U18’s                                                          3                  1                 2                   4

U16’s                                                          3                  -                3                   3


UNDER  18                                               P                  W               L                Pts

Valmar Harlem                                      2                   2                 -                 4

CS Bayside Argus                                   2                   1                 1                  3

Hassans Blue Stars                                2                   1                 1                  3

Laundry La Colada                                2                   -                  2                 2


UNDER  15                                                P                  W               L                Pts

Laundry La Colada                                  4                    4                 -                  8

CS Bayside Argus                                     4                    3                 1                  7

Valmar Harlem                                        4                    1                 3                  5

Hassans Blue Stars                                  4                    -                 4                  4


UNDER  13                                                 P                  W               L               Pts

Laundry La Colada                                  3                   2                1                  5

Valmar Harlem                                        3                   2                1                  5

CS Bayside Argus                                     3                   1                2                  4

Hassans Blue Stars                                  3                   1                2                  4

Sunday 25th February 2018




Last week’s basketball report stated that although Gibyellow had lost all their games so far in GABBA’s First Division (0-5), they had, nevertheless, “given their opponents a hard time and, sooner or later, could come good.” They have come good, and in a big way, inflicting a first defeat for holders and leaders CS Bayside Argus, their first in almost two years.

An almost flawless first quarter performance, led by Antonio Muñoz (15 points) and Chris Noon (10), gave Gibyellow a 28-15 lead, which they increased to 44-25 by half-time. Bayside did not throw in the towel and fought back in the second-half but Gibyellow never lost control and, although their lead was reduced, still had points to spare at the end.

In the other game played, Laundry La Colada comfortably defeated Valmar Harlem.

These results leave CS Bayside Argus in first place with 5 wins and 1 defeat, followed by Hassans Blue Stars (4-1), Laundry La Colada (3-3), Gibyellow (1-5) and Valmar Harlem (1-4).


In the Second Division, leaders Hassans Blue Stars Reserves enjoyed a big win over Valmar Harlem Veterans and CS Bayside Argus Reserves came back from 27-30 down at half-time against Europa to take the third quarter 27-9 and win by 14.

Hassans Blue Stars Reserves lead the table, having won their 6 games, and are followed by Europa (3-3), CS Bayside Argus Reserves (3-2), Valmar Harlem Reserves (1-5) and Valmar Harlem Veterans (1-4).






Gibyellow 64 (Antonio Muñoz 20, Chris Noon 20) – CS Bayside Argus 56 (Aaron Turner 17, Carlos Perez 16, Oscar Castillo 11);


Laundry La Colada 92 (Juanma Cabrita 38, Fernando Serrano 22, Oscar Gomez 21) – Valmar Harlem 74 (Jamie Sercombe 35, Adrian Castellon 15, Karel Alecio 11).




CS Bayside Argus Reserves 74 (Jamie Mesilio 30, Victor Perez 17) – Europa 60 (Sean McGlashan 21, Andrew Teuma 10);


Hassans Blue Stars Reserves 100 (Jaygan Chipol 26, Nicky Gracia 21, Timothy Azopardi 14, Liam Santos 13) - Valmar Harlem Veterans 46 ( Yassin Benyoussef 17, Ben Walton 10).




Stars 58 (Zainya Reyes 24, Courtney Ferrer 14, Caroline Robba 14) – U16’s 26 (Jayde Garro 10);

Magic 55 (Alex Mauro 16, Paula España 11, Valerie Doherty 10) – U18’s 46 (Mireya Benitez 12, Ainhoa Almendro 10).




Laundry La Colada 64 (Javi Guerra 29, Gustavo Dignat 16, Mark Warwick 10) – CS Bayside Argus 49 (Manuel Muñoz 14);


Valmar Harlem 66 (Jamie McGrail 30, Alex Undery 16) – Hassans Blue Stars 37 (Ashton Wahnon 20).





GABBA under 18 boys’ selections lost their two games against the visiting Wales under 18 national team over the weekend.

Wales were better in every aspect of the game on Friday: rebounding at both ends, fast on the break, penetrating and creating 2 on 1 opportunities, and strong in defence, executing their traps well.

GABBA, on the other hand, started well but as soon as the Welsh began to open a gap in the scores, most of the players seemed to lose their motivation. They were pedestrian in setting up their offences and, although working hard when they could set up their defence, were often caught out on account of their ineffective defensive transition.

Jamie Mesilio was the only player seemingly capable of causing the Welsh problems and led our scoring with 20 points. Big man Mohamed El Yettefti had an average game, picked up a lot of rebounds but also missed more than scored, although he hit 13. Sami Tunbridge 7 and Aimad Benyoussef 6 worked harder than anyone else in the team but lacked clarity in their efforts.

Wales established a massive 51-22 half-time lead but GABBA showed more purpose on resumption, winning the third quarter 18-9 and edging the second-half 26-23. The final result was 74-48.

Friday’s thrashing produced the expected reaction from GABBA in Saturday’s game. The inclusion of Julian Hernandez and Michael Ruiz who, although not fully recovered  from an ankle sprain, knows how to motivate his team-mates, gave the team a different look. The motivation, which had seemingly disappeared early in Friday’s game, was back. Most, if not all, of the basic errors in both defence and offence were corrected to the extent that the previous day’s clear physical superiority by the Welsh was no longer so manifest. There was more teamwork and the body language  clearly spelt out that all these boys will make it very difficult for coach Stuart Felice to make his final selection for the European Championship Division C to be played in Prishtina (Kosovo) at the end of July.

GABBA trailed by 27-34 at half-time but edged the second-half 30-28 to lose by 57-62, a considerable improvement. Mesilio 14, Hernandez 12, El Yettefti 9 and Tunbridge 7 were our top scorers.

Saturday 17th February 2018



The top two teams in GABBA’s First Division both won their midweek games. Leaders CS Bayside Argus, led by evergreen Aaron Turner, comfortably disposed of a depleted Laundry La Colada, who had ran them close in their first round game but could only field 5 players on this occasion. Bayside were also missing some of their regular players but still had too much fire power and now have a 5-0 record. Hassans Blue Stars, also led by a veteran, Angel Guerrero, edged Gibyellow to go to 4-1. The losers have lost all their games (0-5) but have given their opponents a hard time and, sooner or later, could come good. La Colada are third (2-3) and Valmar Harlem, not involved last week, fourth (1-3).




Second Division leaders Hassans Blue Stars Reserves won both their games last week to consolidate their position at the top of the table (5-0). Stuart Felice was their leading light in their win over Valmar Harlem Reserves, highly fancied before the competition started but, for a number of reasons, failing to live up to that label (1-5). Hassans then registered a valuable win over second-placed Europa, with Nicky Gracia in sterling form. Europa (3-2) had earlier beaten Valmar Harlem Veterans (1-3), and CS Bayside Argus Reserves (2-2), spearheaded by a great performance from Michael Rodriguez, on his mid-term break from school in England, beat Valmar Harlem Reserves.






CS Bayside Argus 100 (Aaron Turner 30, Carlos Perez 20, Michael Rodriguez 12, Fabian Marzan 10, Solomon Ojapah 10) - Laundry La Colada 71 (Juanma Cabrita 20, Zeus Fernandez 18, Fran Gonzalez 15, Oscar Gomez 12);


Hassans Blue Stars 76 (Angel Guerrero 29, Carlos Trujillo 21) – Gibyellow 71 (Chris Noon 22, Antonio Muñoz 21);




Hassans Blue Stars Reserves 71 (Stuart Felice 25, Jaygan Chipol 15, Nicky Gracia 10) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 58 (Aimad Ben Youssef 17, Jared Olivero 15);


Europa 76 (Jack Kearney 16, Andrew Barratt 15) -Valmar Harlem Veterans 48 (Rhys Borge 19, Aimad Benyoussef 16);


CS Bayside Argus Reserves 79 (Michael Rodriguez 42, Nacho Pedrero 16) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 43 (Adrian Castellon 16, Olivero 11, Jose Fernandez 11);


Hassans Blue Stars Reserves 88 (Gracia 33, Felice 25, Chipol 13) – Europa 70 (Sean McGlashan 33, Barratt 20).



Magic 69 (Paula España 19, Vanesa Cana 13, Doris Castro 12) – Under 16’s 24 (Grace Davis 11);


Stars 51 (Zainya Reyes 13, Courtney Ferrer 12, Joelle Grech 10) – Under 18’s 44 (Mireya Benitez 15, Patricia de Hoyos 12).





CS Bayside Argus 80 (John Cassaglia 19, Freddie Linares 16, Liam Yeats 15, Seb Cassaglia 12) – Hassans Blue Stars 21;


Laundry La Colada 59 (Javi Guerra 29, Gustavo Dignat 22) – Valmar Harlem 44 (Jamie McGrail 26, Alex Undery 15).

Sunday 11th February 2018 



The last two games of the first of three rounds in this season’s GABBA First Division were played on Friday. They were both close contests, the closest of which was Hassans Blue Stars’ one-point win over Laundry La Colada. This result keeps Hassans in second place with a 3-1 record, behind unbeaten leaders CS Bayside Argus (4-0), who beat Valmar Harlem by 6 points. This was Valmar’s second defeat of the week, having lost on Monday to Hassans Blue Stars by the same margin, and they are fourth on 1-3, just ahead of Gibyellow, who lost last Monday to La Colada, third on 2-2, leaving them fifth on 0-4.






Laundry La Colada 65 (Gustavo Guerra 20, Juanma Cabrita 16, Fernando Serrano 13) – Gibyellow 60 (Ismael Rivera 13, Antonio Muñoz 12);


Hassans Blue Stars 63 (Angel Guerrero 27, Nicky Gracia 13, Carlos Trujillo 13) – Valmar Harlem 57 (Michael Ruiz 14, Jamie Sercombe 13, Marius Grigaitis 12);


CS Bayside Argus 81 (Carlos Perez 28, Adam Cassaglia 20, Aaron Turner 15) – Valmar Harlem 75 (Sercombe 27, Aimad Benyoussef 13, Karel Alecio 12);


Hassans Blue Stars 81 (Gracia 23, Guerrero 22, Trujillo 19, Abdul Afrah 10) – Laundry La Colada 80 (Jose Delgado 22, Guerra 18, Oscar Gomez 13, Serrano 12).




Hassans Blue Stars Reserves 52 (Jaygan Chipol 14, Nicky Gracia 13, Federico Bertetti 11) – CS Bayside Argus Reserves 49 (Jamie Mesilio 16, Victor Perez 12);


Valmar Harlem Veterans 57 (Rhys Borge 26, Yassin Benyoussef 17) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 54 (Aimad Benyoussef 22, Adrian Castellon 21).




U18’s 90 (Camile Dignat 22, Adriana Villada 18, Emily Feeke 12, Beatriz Villada 12, Ainhoa Almendro 10) – U16’s 22 (Grace Davis 10);


Stars 54 (Joelle Grech 16, Annika Perez 14, Zainya Reyes 10) – Magic 42 (Vanesa Cana 16).




Valmar Harlem 93 (Aimad Benyoussef 25, Rhys Borge 21, Mohamed El Yettefti 20, Julian Smart 17, Yassin Benyoussef 10) - Hassans Blue Stars 68 (Sami Tunbridge 45, Ahmed El Hana 11);


CS Bayside Argus 66 (Jamie Mesilio 30, Mikey Jeffries 10, Liam Yeats 10) – Laundry La Colada 54 (Gustavo Dignat 17, Zayne DaCosta 13).





Laundry La Colada 56 (Javi Guerra 28, Gustavo Dignat 18) – Hassans Blue Stars 27;


CS Bayside Argus 57 (John Cassaglia 17, Seb Cassaglia 11, Freddie Linares 11) – Valmar Harlem 43 (Jamie McGrail 23, Alex Undery 15).




Four GABBA selections (3 boys’ and 1 girls’) leave for Madrid on Wednesday to compete in a tournament from Thursday to Sunday. This participation follows an invitation from the Chus Mateo Basketball Academy. The head of the Academy is Real Madrid assistant coach Chus Mateo, and plans are well in hand for a summer camp in July, jointly ran by GABBA and the Academy.

                                                                   CHANGES TO  DATES  AND  TIMES


SECOND DIVISION LEAGUE        FROM                   TO

Valmar Vets v Hassans BS Res. – Mon. 29 Jan. – Fri. 27 Apr. 7:30pm

Europa v CS Bayside Arg. Res. -  Mon. 29 Jan. – Fri. 27 Apr. 7:30pm


WOMEN’S LEAGUE –                      FROM                   TO

Magic v U16                                 -  Tue. 23 Jan. -  Tue. 15 May 7:45pm

U18 v Stars                                  -  Tue. 23 Jan. -  Tue. 15 May 9:15pm

Stars v U16                                  -  Tue. 30 Jan. -  Tue. 22 May 7:45pm

U18 v Magic                                -  Tue. 30 Jan. -  Tue. 22 May 9:15pm


U18 LEAGUE                                       FROM                   TO

La Colada v Hassans BS            -  Thu. 25 Jan. – Thu. 17 May 4:15pm

CS Bayside Arg. v Valmar Har – Thu. 25 Jan. – Thu. 17 May 4:15pm

Hassans BS v La Colada            -  Thu. 15 Feb. – Thu. 24 May 4:15pm

Valmar Har v CS Bayside Arg  - Thu. 15 Feb. – Thu. 24 May 4:15pm


U15 LEAGUE                                        FROM                   TO

Hassans BS v Valmar Harlem -  Mon. 29 Jan. – Mon. 21 May 4:00pm

CS Bayside Argus v La Colada – Tue. 30 Jan. – Tue. 22 May 4:00pm

Valmar Harlem v Hassans BS -  Mon. 19 Feb. – Wed. 21 Feb. 4:00pm


U13 LEAGUE                                        FROM                    TO

La Colada v CS Bayside Argus – Sat. 17 Feb. – Wed. 23 May 4:00pm

Valmar Harlem v Hassans BS  -  Sat. 17 Feb. – Wed. 23 May 4:00pm

Hassans BS v CS Bayside Argus – Sat. 7 Apr. – Wed. 11 Apr. 4:00pm

La Colada v Valmar Harlem     - Sat. 7 Apr. -   Wed. 11 Apr. 4:00pm

CS Bayside Argus v La Colada – Sat. 14 Apr. – Wed. 18 Apr. 4:00pm

Hassans BS v Valmar Harlem -   Sat. 14 Apr. – Wed. 18 Apr. 4:00pm

Valmar Har. V CS Bayside Arg. – Sat. 21 Apr. – Wed. 2 May 4:00pm

La Colada v Hassans Blue Stars – Sat. 21 Apr. – Wed. 2 May 4:00pm


                                                               HIGH  WINDS  CURTAIL  BASKETBALL  PROGRAMME


GABBA followed RGP advice to, as far as possible, stay clear of the Bayside area at the beginning of last week, and took the decision to postpone all games scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, although the facilities inside the TSH were not affected. Six games – 2 each in the men’s second division league, the women’s league and the under 15 league were affected.


Everything back to normal on Wednesday, when First Division holders CS Bayside Argus consolidated their lead at the top of the table with a comfortable win over Hassans Blue Stars in a lacklustre game, with both teams under strength, and where the only shining lights were the individual performances of veterans Aaron Turner and Angel Guerrero. Jamie Sercombe was also on song in Valmar Harlem’s easy win over Gibyellow, but Jamie is still years away from the veteran stage.


In the Second Division, Europa reeled off an awesome 30-5 last quarter split to overcome a 9 points’ deficit at the start of it and sink Valmar Harlem Reserves. CS Bayside Argus Reserves, led by a high-scoring performance from Nacho Pedrero, were too strong for Valmar Harlem Veterans.


                                                                                GARCIA  HITS  FIFTY  TWO  POINTS


The highlight of the week happened in the U18 League, when Alex Garcia, a day short of his 17th birthday, celebrated the occasion by leading a very depleted Hassans Blue Stars to an unexpected win over holders CS Bayside Argus. His 52 points (23 in the first-half and 29 in the second, including 17 in the last quarter, which clinched the game, as the teams started it level on 50-50) equalled this season’s high, established by team-mate Rafa Aradas, absent for this game. Jamie Mesilio did well for the losers, hitting 40 points. Valmar Harlem used Mohamed El Yettefti’s height advantage to good effect in their convincing win over Laundry La Colada in the other game.


In the U13 League, Laundry La Colada extended their advantage at the top of the table with a hard-fought and very entertaining win over a plucky Hassans Blue Stars, while Valmar Harlem redeemed themselves, after forfeiting the previous week’s game for not having a minimum of 8 players, by recording a win over CS Bayside Argus in the same circumstances.






CS Bayside Argus 92 (Aaron Turner 28, Adam Cassaglia 23, Stephen Britto 15, Stefan Tellez 13) – Hassans Blue Stars 78 (Angel Guerrero 29, Carlos Trujillo 17, Abel Martinez 13, Nicky Gracia 11);


Valmar Harlem 80 (Jamie Sercombe 29, Marius Grigaitis 20) – Gibyellow 61 (Antonio Muñoz 25, Nathan Nanwani 17, Ismael Rivera 11).



Europa 55 (Romain Molina 12, James Dominique 11, Jack Kearney 10, Andrew Barratt 10) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 39 (Jose Fernandez 11);


CS Bayside Argus Reserves 70 (Nacho Pedrero 31) – Valmar Harlem Veterans 46 (Tom Tunbridge 14, Jamie McGrail 10, Airidas Viktorov 10).




Hassans Blue Stars 72 (Alex Garcia 52) – CS Bayside Argus 65 (Jamie Mesilio 40, Stefan Tellez 16);


Valmar Harlem 71 (Mohamed El Yettefti 29, Aimad Benyoussef 15, Michael Ruiz 15) – Laundry La Colada 44 (Javi Guerra 11).





Laundry La Colada 46 (Dylan Foskett 16, Seth Davidson 14) – Hassans Blue Stars 42 (Stevie Linares 19, Jyson Gonzalez 12).

Monday 29th January 2018




The Under 18 League Cup stays blue one more season as Hassans Blue Stars overcame strong opposition from Valmar Harlem to win the final by 86-73.

Sami Tunbridge and Rafa Aradas, well supported by their team-mates, 3 of whom were from the U15 team, were a constant threat to Valmar, for whom a vastly improved Michael Ruiz found the basket time after time. He would have done even better but for occasional bouts of petulance which he needs to curb as it only affects him and his team, and benefits the opponents. The battle of the big men, Liam Santos for Hassans and Mohamed El Yettefti for Valmar, ended with honours even. Both are valuable assets to their respective teams.

Hassans opened up an 8 points’ advantage by half-time, having taken both quarters (20-15, 22-19), and doubled the lead by the end of the third quarter (26-18). Valmar never threw in the towel and took the last quarter (21-18), but Hassans were never at risk.




The results of the Youth League Cup competitions, with the 3 finals played in the last few days, plus the men’s Richie Buchanan Trophy, recently won by CS Bayside Argus, provides proof that the Youth Draft system, now in its fourth year, works. Designed to ensure that teams are evenly balanced, with the previous season’s bottom team having first pick from the draft list, and so on, it stops the potentially better players from playing for the same team.

This spread of talent has thrown up 3 different winners in this season’s first competitions: Valmar Harlem (U13), Laundry La Colada (U15) and Hassans Blue Stars (U18).




Two of the scheduled 15 rounds of games in the GABBA League men’s competitions have been played.

First Division holders CS Bayside Argus had a very close call in their opening game agains Laundry La Colada, who then inflicted a heavy defeat on a depleted Valmar Harlem, and went on to register a comfortable win over Gibyellow, who also lost to Hassans Blue Stars.

Second Division holders Hassans Blue Stars Reserves have started with wins over Valmar Harlem Reserves and Europa, both of which have won once: the former in an overtime thriller against CS Bayside Argus Reserves, and the latter against Valmar Harlem Veterans.


The Under 13 League also started with wins for Laundry La Colada over CS Bayside Argus, and Hassans Blue Stars against Valmar Harlem, who forfeited the game as they only had five players. A minimum 8 players are required at this level.






CS Bayside Argus 74 (Aaron Turner 19, Stephen Britto 16, Jamie Mesilio 14, Adam Cassaglia 13) – Laundry La Colada 72 (Juanma Cabrita 22, Gustavo Guerra 18, Zeus Fernandez 12, Oscar Gomez 10);


Hassans Blue Stars 84 (Angel Guerrero 42, Abel Martinez 17, Abdul Afrah 12) – Gibyellow 77 (Chris Noon 18, Jordan Seeley 15, Ismael Rivera 14, Nathan Nanwani 11);


Laundry La Colada 82 (Guerra 29, Fernando Serrano 20, Fran Gonzalez 17, Alvaro Corral 10) – Valmar Harlem 58 (Jared Olivero 16, Jose Fernandez 15);


CS Bayside Argus 85 (Lucas Perez 23, Turner 20, Cassaglia 16, Britto 13) – Gibyellow 73 (Antonio Muñoz 19, Nanwani 13, Noon 11, Seeley 10).




Valmar Harlem Reserves 92 (Michael Ruiz 30, Aimad Benyoussef 21, Jared Olivero 17) – CS Bayside Argus Reserves 86 (Jamie Mesilio 35, Victor Perez 18, Jeremy Britto 14);


Isolas Blue Stars Reserves 66 (Stuart Felice 20, Jaygan Chipol 14) – Europa 61 (Andrew Teuma 24, Andrew Barratt 23).




Hassans Blue Stars 86 (Sami Tunbridge 30, Rafa Aradas 26, Liam Santos 16) – Valmar Harlem 73 (Michael Ruiz 37, Mohamed El Yettefti 17).




Laundry La Colada 64 (Javi Guerra 25, Mark Warwick 21, Gustavo Dignat 17) – CS Bayside Argus 37.




Laundry La Colada 41 (Seth Davidson 12, Dylan Foskett 11, James Wilson 10) – CS Bayside Argus 38 (Gino Fajardo 11, Mathew Jeffries 10).

                                                                    INTERNATIONAL  SUMMER  TOURNAMENTS


Forty seven teams, representing 17 of FIBA’s 50 European member federations, plus Scotland and Wales which, although no longer members, following Great Britain’s inclusion, have been allowed to enter teams at Under 16 level, will participate in this summer’s Small Countries and Division C competitions.


Gibraltar, Malta and Moldova have entered all 6 competitions, with Andorra, Ireland and San Marino next best with entries in 3.


The Small Countries competitions start off simultaneously on 26 June with the final games on 1 July. San Marino host the men’s in Serravalle, and they have been drawn in Group A with Gibraltar, Moldova and Norway. Andorra, Malta and Ireland make up Group B.


Meanwhile, the women are in Cork (Ireland) and Gibraltar, Malta, Moldova and Denmark are in Group A, with Luxembourg, Norway, Ireland and Cyprus in Group B.


The Under 16 competitions follow, starting on 3 July. The men’s is also in Serravalle (San Marino), with 11 teams taking part. Gibraltar is in Group B with Scotland, Malta, Andorra and Wales, while Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Albania and Moldova are in Group A. The competition ends on 11 July.


The women’s competition, with 8 teams, will be played in Chisinau (Moldova), and ends on 8 July. Gibraltar is in Group B with Scotland, Moldova and Wales, and Group A has Austria, Monaco, Georgia and Malta.


The Under 18 men’s has 9 teams and will be played in Prishtina (Kosovo) from 22 to 29 July. Gibraltar is in Group B with San Marino, Cyprus and Kosovo, while Moldova, Armenia, Ireland, Malta and Monaco make up Group A.


Finally, Andorra will host the women’s from 24 to 29 July, with Moldova and Malta joining the hosts and Gibraltar in what is the only disappointing entry of this summer’s competitions.