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by Stephen Ignacio  

9th May 2024 

In a week in which GABBA celebrated its 60th anniversary sport saw some electrifying youth matches highlighting its continued development.

Elite League:

In an electrifying match, Lincoln Bayside showcased their dominance with a commanding victory over the U18 Select team. The final score stood at Lincoln Bayside 84, U18 Select 53. Victor Chernodalia led the charge for Lincoln Bayside with an impressive 19 points, supported by Kaylan Balloqui and Adrian Mateos, who contributed 16 and 15 points respectively. Jamie Mesilio also made a notable contribution with 15 points. Despite a valiant effort from U18 Select, with Danny Cassaglia scoring 12 points, they couldn’t match the intensity of Lincoln Bayside.

Challenger League:

In a closely contested battle, Lincoln Bayside Reserves emerged victorious against Europa Valmar Fusion with a final score of 56-47. Charles Billups led the scoring for Lincoln Bayside Reserves with 18 points, followed by Kingsley Sylvester with 12 points. Lee Davis also chipped in with 10 points. For Europa Valmar Fusion, Ayman Sayah led the charge with 12 points, supported by James Falzun with 10 points.

Hercules Reserves exhibited their strength on the court with a dominant performance against Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves, securing a convincing win with a scoreline of 74-43. Jose Camacho and Jose Berbel led the scoring for Hercules Reserves with 15 points each, followed by Jayro Ledesma with 13 points. Juanma Cabrita and Francisco Barbero also made significant contributions with 10 points each. Despite Ethan Penfold’s efforts with 14 points for Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves, they couldn’t match the prowess of Hercules Reserves.

Bavaria Blue Stars Giants narrowly edged past Europa Valmar Fusion in a thrilling encounter, clinching victory with a score of 54-52. Tim Azopardi led the scoring for Bavaria Blue Stars Giants with 13 points, supported by Francisco Sanchez and Ben Lejeune with 12 and 10 points respectively. For Europa Valmar Fusion, Jimmy Attias led the charge with 18 points, followed by Nolan Romero with 11 points.

In a fiercely competitive match, Lincoln Bayside Reserves secured a hard-fought victory against Europa Valmar Reserves with a final score of 67-63. Charles Billups led the scoring for Lincoln Bayside Reserves with 19 points, followed by Michael Negrette with 14 points and Matthew Jeffries with 13 points. For Europa Valmar Reserves, Seth Davidson and Jaydan Wink displayed outstanding performances, scoring 27 and 25 points respectively, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win.

Youth Matches:

In the U17 Women’s category, Europa Valmar emerged victorious over Bavaria Blue Stars Pink with a score of 35-14. Kate Escalona led the scoring for Europa Valmar with 12 points.

Bavaria Blue Stars dominated the U14 Girls’ category with a commanding win over Europa Valmar, securing victory with a score of 61-16. Brylee Costa showcased her talent with 23 points for Bavaria Blue Stars.

In a competitive matchup, Damex Gators emerged victorious against Lincoln Bayside in the U14 Girls’ category with a score of 48-38. Jannat El Yettefti led the scoring for Damex Gators with 26 points, supported by Chloe Balban with 11 points. Ella Savignon stood out for Lincoln Bayside with 21 points.

Damex Gators continued their winning streak with another close victory, defeating Europa Valmar by a narrow margin of 35-34 in the U14 Girls’ category. Chloe Balban led the scoring for Damex Gators with 14 points, while Briella Bagu impressed for Europa Valmar with 12 points.

In the U12 Mixed category, Europa Valmar secured a convincing win over Bavaria Blue Stars with a score of 44-29. Ralph Falero Manktelow led the scoring for Europa Valmar with 22 points, supported by Seb Picardo with 10 points. Lily Mauro stood out for Bavaria Blue Stars with 12 points.

Lincoln Bayside displayed a dominant performance in the U12 Mixed category, securing a comprehensive win over Hercules FC with a score of 68-33. Harry Breeze led the scoring for Lincoln Bayside with an impressive 27 points, supported by Kristian Mifsud with 15 points, Ella Savignon with 13 points, and Jaythan Corbacho with 11 points. Max De Haro showcased his talent for Hercules FC with 19 points.

These results showcase the immense talent and competitive spirit present in the GABBA League, promising an exciting season

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