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Updated: Apr 21

GABBA’s decision to include the Under 18 Selection in the Senior League as preparation for next summer’s FIBA competition brought about the first shock result of the season on Tuesday when the boys pipped RCA Bricklayers, a potential title contender, by 58-57.

RCA paid the price for fielding an under strength team but, 18 points from Ian Yeats spearheaded them to a 29-20 half-time lead and they appeared to have the match under control. Not so, as u18 fought back to start the last quarter just 40-41 behind, and Nico Perez sank a 3-pointer seconds from time to win the match and keep the youngsters unbeaten.

Pablo Postigo 15, Louis Dalmedo 13 and Perez 10 hit double digits for the winners and Yeats led the match with 29 for RCA.

In other matches, Lincoln Bayside (Michael Rodriguez 32, Jamie Mesilio 24) beat GibYellow Beasts (Gareth Balban 21, David Connor 11) 79-57; Lincoln Bayside Reserves (Kingsley Sylvester 14, David Culliford 10) edged Europa Valmar Fusion (Jamie Belilo 11, James Falzun 11, Adrian Castellon 10) 49-46; Europa Valmar (Mo El Yettefti 29, Javi Guerra 25) beat Hercules (Ignacio Avila 13) 81-32; and Reserves (Ethan Bocarisa 20, Ethan Penfold 14) beat Giants (Chris Noon 25) 59-49 in the all Bavaria Blue Stars clash.

In the Women’s League Cup semi-final, Bavaria Blue Stars (Isabelle Dalmedo 22) beat Lincoln Bayside (Annika Perez 17) 54-32, and will play Europa Valmar in the final on Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

In the Mixed u12 League Cup, Europa Valmar (Ralph Falero Manktelow 20) beat Damex Gators (Charlie Figueras Garcia 13) 46-27 to win the Group phase; and Lincoln Bayside (Kristian Mifsud 15, Lucia Byrne 12, Harry Breeze 10) beat Bavaria Blue Stars (Lily Mauro 13) 51-29 to take second place. The semi- finals will be played on Saturday 16th and the final on Tuesday 19th.

There are 4 semi-finals scheduled to be played on Sunday, starting at 9:00 am with the u16’s (Europa Valmar v Deloitte Dragons and Bavaria Blue Stars v Lincoln Bayside), followed at 10:15 am by the Women’s u17’s (Bavaria Blue Stars Blue v Pink, and Lincoln Bayside v Europa Valmar).

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