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BAVARIA BLUE STARS Preseason DARREN MCMAHON Memorial Tournament. The late Darren McMahon passed away after a brave fight against cancer on 4th April 2021, in the middle of the second COVID lockdown. Bavaria Blue Stars, the basketball club he played for throughout most of his too short life, organised a memorial tournament which saw many of his former team mates and other players from the club’s teams, young and not so young, take part in, together with invited team RCA Bricklayers. The memorial trophy, won by Darren’s former team, was presented to co-captains Angel Guerrero and Nicky Gracia by Darren’s mother, after the club’s Life President, John Gonçalves, had addressed all participants, which included the referees, Shane and Karl Bassett, whose participation was greatly appreciated by the organisers, particularly as Darren was also a very active referee. The trophy was given back to Darren’s mother by the co-captains as a memento of his notable contributions to the club’s successes. All then moved to Team 54 for a paella and drinks.

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