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Real Madrid head coach Chus Mateo, a great friend of GABBA, was unanimously elected to the position of Honorary Life Member of GABBA at its recent Annual Assembly, in recognition of his bringing his Academy staff and expertise to the hugely popular summer camp which has already had five editions.

The proposal was made by GABBA President John Gonçalves, shortly after he had been re-elected unopposed for the 2023/2027 term, having now held the position since first elected in 1984. He will also act as Treasurer, as there were no candidates.

Also re-elected were Vice President Ian Felice, Secretary General Antoinette Sanderson, and Committee Members Lizanne Andrews, Jonathan Britto and Andrew Teuma.

The members attending the Annual Assembly were addressed by the President, who stated that he believed that the association was living its best moments in its history and thanked all who contribute to this through their initiatives and hard work; approved reports on Disciplinary and Officiating Matters from the Vice President; on Welfare and Safeguarding from the Secretary General; on the financial state from the President; as well as relevant matters from Technical Director Adam Cassaglia, Operations Manager Tim Azopardi, Head of Women’s Basketball Monica Brown, and Schools and Youth Development Officer Jason McMahon.

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