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Dear friends welcome to the official website of the Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association. On our website you will find up to date information on both local and International competitions.

TV Recordings courtesy of  GBC



Natwest International Island Games , Gibraltar July 2019






Bavaria Blue Stars defeated hitherto leaders Valmar Harlem at the start of a busy week for both teams which saw the latter lose their 100% record in this season’s Richie Buchanan Trophy competition and the former shoot to the top of the Phase 1 table after notching 3 wins in 5 days.

Bavaria’s all-round team effort, spearheaded by Angel Guerrero, overcame Valmar’s individual brilliance, particularly with their second-half defence on Marius Grigaitis. Valmar played the last minute with 4 players, paying the price for turning up with 6.

Holders Bayside Argus inflicted almost identical punishment on Valmar two days later, with young Jamie Mesilio enjoying a great game and Grigaitis again being the main threat for Valmar.



Gibyellow 78 [12, 20, 24, 22] (Antonio Muñoz 18, James Dominique 16, Chris Noon 12, Antonio Maza 10) – Europa 45 [8, 8, 21, 8] (Andrew Barratt 14);

Bavaria Blue Stars 88 [22, 23, 18, 25] (Angel Guerrero 26, Alex Garcia 18, Raul Garcia 14, Viki Vicario 12, Carlos Trujillo 12) - Valmar Harlem 80 [17, 20, 19, 24] (Marius Grigaitis 31, Jamie Sercombe 22, Mohamed El Yettefti 13);

Valmar Harlem Reserves 76 [15, 29, 19, 17] (Ian Viñales 20, Rodney Sheriff 16, James Viñales 13, Yassin Benyoussef 11, Alex Undery 11) – Bayside Argus Reserves 54 [14, 10, 13, 17] (Nacho Pedrero 24, Reagan Lima 10);

Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves 71 [14, 20, 20, 17] (Ruben Mena 21, Haitham El Hichou 19, Ethan Santos 15) – Flamingos 45 [10, 6, 19, 10] (Kira Ruiz 13, Joelle Moreno 13);

Bayside Argus 74 [13, 24, 13, 24] (Jamie Mesilio 22, Lucas Perez 14, Stephen Britto 10, Adrian Mateos 10) – Valmar Harlem 66 [16, 14, 18, 19] (Grigaitis 25, Gytis Tamulis 13, Sercombe 12);

Bavaria Blue Stars 109 [21, 28, 31, 29] (Guerrero 33, Trujillo 16, Nicky Gracia 15, Abel Martinez 12, Eric Marchena 10) – William Hill 51 [11, 12, 17, 11] (German Cano 16);

Bavaria Blue Stars 101 [30, 20, 22, 29] (Guerrero 26, Jaygan Chipol 24, Vicario 21, Gracia 18, Liam Santos 10) – Flamingos 36 [7, 10, 15, 4] (Zaynia Reyes 17);

Laundry La Colada 112 [24, 32, 27, 29] (Juanma Cabrita 36, Badr Boulaich 19, Ernesto Onetto 17, Jesus Camacho 14, Manolo Retamero 13) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 64 [10, 19, 5, 17] (Undery 16, Rhys Borge 14);




This coming weekend’s 3 Youth League Cup finals will have teams from Valmar Harlem in all of them, following 100% success from this club in last weekend’s semi-finals. Their closest call was in the U14’s, where they overcame stiff resistance from Bayside Argus to win by 3. It may be harder in the finals as they come up against the respective first phase group winners in the following programme:

Friday, 4:00 pm – (U13) Bavaria Blue Stars v Valmar Harlem;

Saturday, 11:30 am – (U14) Soldiers v Valmar Harlem:

                    1:30 pm – (U16) Bayside Argus v Valmar Harlem.




U18 – Valmar Harlem 103 [26, 28, 29, 20] (Mohamed El Yettefti 30, Yassin Benyoussef 16, Aimad Benyoussef 14, Rhys Borge 12, Jamie McGrail 12) – Laundry La Colada 13 [7, 4, 0, 2].


U16 – Valmar Harlem 93 (Jamie McGrail 49, Alex Undery 32) – Laundry La Colada 55 (Mark Warwick 19, Javi Guerra 15);


Bayside Argus 101 (Liam Yeats 21, Freddie Linares 20, John Cassaglia 18, Julian Britto 11, Seb Cassaglia 10, Adriaan Huibregtse 10) – Bavaria Blue Stars 47 (Gabriel Devincenzi 17).


U14 – Soldiers 72 (Seth Davidson 27, Sachin Gupta 19) – Bavaria Blue Stars 37 (Ocean Robles 12, Ethan Barnes 10);


Valmar Harlem 44 (Giuseppe Plantone 14, Tommy Linares 13) – Bayside Argus 41 (Mathew Jeffries 12).


U13 – Bavaria Blue Stars 68 (Kevan Gonzalez 28, Jack Bingham 12) – Soldiers 24 (Quentin McGlashan 13);


Valmar Harlem 37 (Louis Dalmedo 10) - Bayside Argus 29.


GIRLS U16: Terriers 45 [12, 7, 6, 20] (Cellene Griffin 13, Hannah Cabezutto 12, Lucia Olivera 12) – Pirates 35 [9, 8, 10, 8] (Maya Breeze 21);


Huskies 50 [10, 15, 11, 14] (Mara Todoran 20, Nanda Teuma 13, Sophie Stanley 10) – Scarlet Knights 43 [6, 12, 8, 17] (Eva Gerada 16, Amber Fox 11, Lucia O’Connor 10).


Semi-finals on Saturday at 9:15 am:

Huskies v Pirates; Terriers v Scarlet Knights.



20th Nov 2018


Bavaria Blue Stars have teams in all GABBA competitions and they enjoyed a good week, with 5 of the 7 winning their respective games. Their flag ship, the senior men’s team, led by 17 year old Alex Garcia, snatched a last second win over Gibyellow after a thrilling hard fought and sportingly played game, the winning basket coming from Alex’s father, Raul. They followed this up with a big win over Europa two days later. These results have shot Bavaria up the table, within striking distance of leaders Valmar, who had no game last week. The two meet on Monday.



Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves 77 [14, 23, 20, 20] (Stuart Felice 17, Federico Bertetti 15, Ethan Penfold 13, Haitham El Hichou 10, Ruben Mena 10) - Europa 40 [12, 9, 13, 6] (Sean McGlashan 11);

Bavaria Blue Stars 75 [22, 16, 17, 20] (Alex Garcia 28, Viki Vicario 15, Raul Garcia 11) – Gibyellow 74 [19, 23, 10, 22] (Borja Corrales 20, Rafa Porras 12, Adrian Barroso 11, Nathan Nanwani 10);

Valmar Harlem Reserves 61 [8, 15, 18, 20] (Yassin Benyoussef 20, James Viñales 14, Jared Olivero 12) – William Hill 48 [6, 5, 21, 10] (German Cano 27);

Bavaria Blue Stars 88 [18, 25, 21, 24] (Vicario 19, Nicky Gracia 16, Abel Martinez 14, Raul Garcia 12) – Europa 36 [11, 9, 5, 11] (Janis Egle 10 Jacob Watkins 10);

Laundry La Colada 99 [26, 20, 27, 26] (Jesus Camacho 28, Juanma Cabrita 17, Zeus Fernandez 16, Ernesto Onetto 11, Manolo Retamero 11, Gustavo Guerra 10) – Flamingos 35 [8, 6, 15, 6] (Zainya Reyes 13, Kira Ruiz 10);




Four women’s and four U16 girls teams started their respective League Cup competitions last week. A close result in the former and a drawn game in the latter were the highlights.




WOMEN – Swish 56 [12, 20, 11, 13] (Zaynia Reyes 24, Valerie Doherty 10) – Bavaria Blue Stars 33 [7, 13, 6, 7];


Bayside Rockets 51 [8, 20, 13, 10] (Mireya Benitez 20, Anika Perez 11) – Soldiers 47 [13, 8, 6, 20] (Emily Feeke 15, Kira Ruiz 14).


U16 GIRLS – Scarlet Knights 41 [13, 8, 8, 12] (Jayde Garro 21) – Terriers 41 [6, 6, 11, 18] (Celene Griffin 11, Anna Howard 11, Lucia Olivera 11);


Huskies 54 [6, 17, 14, 17] (Mara Todoran 22, Nanda Teuma 15, Alex Dellipiani 11) – Pirates 37 [15, 5, 10, 7] (Maya Breeze 19).




GABBA seem to have got it right by switching the boys competitions from the previous seasons’ midweek games to Saturday. A good attendance in the stands for the second week running, in spite of the wet and miserable weather outside, saw Bayside Argus, Soldiers and Bavaria Blue Stars register second wins in the U16, U14 and U13 League Cup competitions, respectively. The U18 competition remains on Thursday evenings.




U18 – Bavaria Blue Stars 84 [22, 21, 25, 16] (Rafa Aradas 35, Liam Santos 15, Eric Marchena 14) – Laundry La Colada 59 [17, 13, 11, 18] (Javi Guerra 22, Chris Luque 13);


U16 – Valmar Harlem 74 [12, 21, 25, 16] (Jamie McGrail 33, Alex Undery 21, Jaydan Wink 16) – Laundry La Colada 55 [9, 15, 10, 21] (Javi Guerra 50);


Bayside Argus 76 [24, 18, 19, 15] (Seb Cassaglia 23, Liam Yeats 17, John Cassaglia 17) – Bavaria Blue Stars 56 [10, 11, 19, 16] (Evan DeHaro 26, Ashton Wahnon 10);


U14 – Bavaria Blue Stars 35 [4, 17, 10, 4] – Bayside Argus 32 [7, 10, 10, 5] (Sam Serra 10);


Soldiers 50 [16, 17, 8, 9] (Satchin Gupta 11, Dylan Foskett 11, Ethan Tavares 10) – Valmar Harlem 31 [5, 12, 4, 10];


U13 – Bavaria Blue Stars 46 [14, 14, 9, 9] (Matvey Celecia 22) – Bayside Argus 21 [4, 6, 2, 9];


Valmar Harlem 60 [16, 17, 12, 15] (Charlie Jacobson 17, Louis Dalmedo 16, Louis Trenado 10) – Soldiers 18 [5, 4, 3, 6] (Ian Gracia 10).




18th Nov 2018



DATE           TIME      COURT          GAME                 REFEREE              TABLE


Mon 19        4:00         South         LC  v  SB [G]     R. Chipolina         M. Bassett

                     4:00         North         BF  v  SJ  [G]     Y. Benyoussef       S. Tubridy

                     5:30         South         LC  v  SB [B]      R. Chipolina         S. Bassett

                     5:30         North         BF  v  SJ  [B]      Y. Benyoussef      E. Yeats


Tue 20         4:00         South         LC  v  SA [G]      R. Chipolina        M. Bassett

                     4:00         North         SJ   v  SB [G]      Y. Benyoussef      S. Tubridy

                     5:30         South         LC  v  SA [B]      R. Chipolina        S. Bassett

                     5:30         North         SJ   v  SB  [B]      Y. Benyoussef     A. Sanderson


Wed 21        4:00         South         SB   v  BF  [G]     R.Chipolina         J. Gonçalves

                     4:00         North         SA  v  SJ   [G]     Y. Benyoussef      B. Tubridy

                     5:30         Sout           SB   v  BF  [B]      R. Chipolina        K. Bassett

                     5:30         North         SA  v  SJ   [B]      Y. Benyoussef      B. Tubridy


Thu 22         4:00         South         BF  v  SA  [G]      R. Chipolina        M. Bassett                      

                     4:00         North         LC  v  SJ   [G]      Y. Benyoussef    J. Gonçalves

                     5:30         South         BF   v  SA  [B]      R. Chipolina       S. Bassett

                     5:30         North         LC  v  SJ   [B]      Y. Benyoussef    A. Sanderson


Fri 23          4:00          South         LC  v  BF  [G]      R. Chipolina       J. Gonçalves

                    4:00          North          SA  v  SB  [G]      Y. Benyoussef     F. Santos

                    5:30          South          LC  v  BF  [B]      R. Chipolina        K. Bassett

                    5:30          North          SA  v  SB   [B]      Y. Benyoussef     E. Yeats


Mon 26       4:00       CENTRE      GIRLS FINAL  { R. Chipolina   }    TBA

                    5:30       CENTRE      BOYS FINAL   { Y. Benyoussef }    TBA








1. Team lists, with names and vest numbers, in numerical order, must be handed in to the scorer’s table 10 minutes before the start of each game



2.   Running clock, except during times-out, personal/technical fouls, held ball, or when  

      indicated by the referee;

      Every player must play in at least one of the first 3 quarters, and no player can play in

      more than 2 of the first 3 quarters;

      1 time-out per quarter;

      Substitutions are only allowed in the 4th quarter or extra time, and, in case of injury, 5

      personal fouls or disqualification. 


3.  Zone defence or full-court defence is not allowed.



16th Nov 2018


“The Inter School Basketball Championship will be played at the Tercentenary Sports Hall from Monday 19 to Monday 26 November.
The round-robin first phase sees girls’ games at 4:00 and boys’ games at 5:30 pm daily throughout the week, with the first two teams in each competition meeting in the finals on Monday week at 4:00 (girls) and 5:30 (boys), followed by the presentation of prizes.”











12th Nov 2018



Full points from two wins in the past week have put Valmar Harlem well ahead of the other 10 teams in the first phase of the Richie Buchanan Trophy competition. They have maximum points from the 5 games played so far, and although still to meet three of the top 5, their devastating win over hitherto unbeaten Laundry La Colada provided ample evidence that they are the team to beat, having strength in depth and, in Marius Grigaitis, the best all-round player in the competition.

Meanwhile, Bayside Argus inflicted the first defeat on arch-rivals Bavaria Blue Stars who, nevertheless won 3 of the quarters, thus limiting the points deficit in the game to the minimum 6-4. A fiercely contested contest was settled 2 seconds from the end by a 3-pointer from National team captain Stephen Britto, the veteran point-guard demonstrating that the little big man still has a lot to give.

The all-woman Flamingos team recorded their first win against a decimated Bayside Argus Reserves, but still a win, regardless.

The youth League Cup competitions got under way, the highlights being the sizeable crowds watching the games on Saturday morning, the narrow win for Bayside Argus over Valmar Harlem at U18 level and the drawn game between both clubs’ U14 teams.






Bayside Argus 87 [23, 17, 30, 17] (Adrian Mateos 33, Lucas Perez 24, Jamie Mesilio 19) – Bavaria Blue Stars 84 [25, 18, 18, 23] (Alex Garcia 31, Angel Guerrero 25, Nicky Gracia 12);


Valmar Harlem 94 [22, 20, 25, 27] (Andrew Yeats 26, Marius Grigaitis 21, Gytis Tamulis 18, Joel Esposito 17, Jamie McGrail 12) – Laundry La Colada 55 [13, 11, 13, 18] (Jesus Camacho 15, Fernando Serrano 15);


Europa 62 [16, 21, 12, 13] (Andrew Barratt 14, Andrew Teuma 13, Sean McGlashan 11) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 45 [11, 13, 9, 12] (Ian Viñales 12, Jared Olivero 11);


Laundry La Colada 89 [22, 19, 25, 23] (Camacho 28, Javi Guerra 21, Gustavo Guerra 16, Serrano 12, Manolo Retamero 10) - William Hill 34 [10, 5, 9, 10] (Theo Panagopoulos 14);


Flamingos 71 [20, 16, 18, 17] (Kira Ruiz 20, Karla Gomez 17, Emily Feeke 14, Kelly Correa 10) - Bayside Argus Reserves 48 [12, 11, 9, 16] (Seb Cassaglia 16, Patrick Barnes 14, Mikey Jeffries 10);


Valmar Harlem 127 [26, 27, 37, 37] (Tamulis 52, Grigaitis 24, McGrail 23, Aimad Benyoussef 18, Airidas Viktorov 10) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 47 [15, 10, 14, 8] (Ian Felice 15, Jaydan Wink 14, Alex Undery 11);



Bayside Argus 62 [17, 17, 18, 10] (Jamie Mesilio 35) – Valmar Harlem 60 (Mohamed El Yettefti 37);



Laundry La Colada 48 [19, 12, 3, 14] (Javi Guerra 28) – Bavaria Blue Stars 42 [9, 9, 6, 18] (Evan DeHaro 20, Callum Hellier 12);

Bayside Argus 75 [14, 23, 18, 20] (Liam Yeats 31, John Cassaglia 18, Freddie Linares 13) – Valmar Harlem 41 [6, 10, 14, 11] (Jaydan Wink 15, Joey Sacarello 10);



Valmar Harlem 48 [16, 16, 8, 8] (Jack Tunbridge 24) – Bayside Argus 48 [13, 8, 9, 18] (Matthew Jeffries 12, Sam Serra 11);

Soldiers 49 [12, 10, 11, 16] (Satchin Gupta 16, Seth Davidson 10) – Bavaria Blue Stars 29 [8, 7, 9, 5] (Stevie Linares 14).



Bayside Argus 60 [14, 6, 24, 16] (Jose Cassaglia 22, Danny Cassaglia 14, Sebastian Yeats 12) – Valmar Harlem 23 [0, 4, 11, 8] (Jonathan Sciortino 15);

Bavaria Blue Stars 62 [14, 16, 22, 10] (Matvey Celecia 26, Bilal Emrani 14, Angel Gonzalez 10) – Soldiers 17 [3, 3, 5, 6] (Ian Gracia 10).


8th Nov 2018


Our Mini-basket programme has launched the first of its three badge awards. Our Minibasket boys and girls (aged 6 to 9) will have the opportunity to achieve the Bronze Badge Award after successfully completing a Skills sets routine based on the basketball skills taught through-out our sessions between October and December. This scheme guarantees GABBA's commitment to the development of every single player at grass roots level.

       "In-order to have a good team we need good players"

Our Minibasket Silver Awards will be introduced in January 2019 for our boys and girls aged 10 to 12.

Our GABBA Minibasket Bronze awards will run from Monday 12 November till friday 14th December 2018. Our Minibasket Coaches will be giving out manuals at practice with guidelines.

The bronze awards consists of successfully completing the following fundamental skills;


1. Basketball stance/triple threat.

2. Wrap around head, waist & Feet.

3. Finger Control,

4. Wrap around figure 8.

5. Dribble wrap around figure 8.

6. Controlled dribble, Cross-over.

7. Two basketballs Dribble.

8. Two Basketball dribble switching hands.

9. Controlled dribble stop, pivot and dribble.

10. Basic chest pass.

11.  Basic bounce pass.


5th Nov 2018


A clinic for table officials and potential referees was held on Saturday 3rd November at the GSLA premises. A presentation was given , highliting the requirements for becoming an official and the mechanics to be followed during a game situation, to help the control of the game. Table officials were shown  how to complete the official score sheet and officials hand signals. These requirements were then put into practice on the playing court, with the assistance of the mini basketball players, who played several games for our officials to practice their officiating. A very positive event that will have a follow up on the first week of December. More table officials and referees are more than welcome.


4th Nov 2018


Valmar Harlem continue at the top of the table in the first phase of the Richie Buchanan Trophy competition, with maximum points from 3 games, even though their latest maximum 9 points were gained by virtue of having been awarded a walk-over by Bayside Argus Reserves, who were unable to raise a team for their scheduled game. Laundry La Colada have also won their 3 games but dropped 3.5 of the 12 points at stake for winning quarters. The two leaders meet on Monday (tip-off 9:15 pm), immediately after the clash between holders Bayside Argus and the other unbeaten team, Bavaria Blue Stars, who have maximum points from 2 games.

Meanwhile, Gibyellow clocked up 2 wins this past week and have the same points as Valmar Harlem with one more game played. William Hill also recorded 2 wins, even though surrendering 2 quarters to Flamingos and 3 to Bayside Argus

Reserves in the closest game of the competition so far.



Europa 53 [15, 18, 10, 10] (Sean McGlashan 20) – Bayside Argus Reserves 47 [8, 11, 15, 13] (Nacho Pedrero 20);

Bayside Argus 82 [19, 21, 22, 20] (Jamie Mesilio 24, Lucas Perez 24, Abdullah Santiago 17) – Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves 48 [10, 22, 2, 14] (Ethan Santos 22, Ethan Penfold 14, Haitham El Hichou 10);

Gibyellow 73 [17, 19, 20, 17] (Borja Corrales 20, Nathan Nanwani 14, Andrej Alic 12,  Adrian Barroso  11) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 42 [11, 9, 8, 14] (Ian Viñales 11, Jared Olivero 10);

William Hill 59 [9, 22, 16, 12] (German Cano 23, Theo Panagopoulos 16, Jose Lirio 10) – Flamingos 52 [13, 15, 6, 18];

Valmar Harlem walk-over Bayside Argus Reserves;

Laundry La Colada 89 [17, 30, 17, 25] (Jesus Camacho 20, Gustavo Guerra 17, Javi Guerra 16, Ernesto Onetto 12, Manolo Retamero 12, Juandi Camacho 10) – Europa 53 [10, 16, 21, 6] (Andrew Barratt 27, Janis Egle 11);

Gibyellow 71 [19, 28, 12, 12] (Chris Noon 13, Rafa Porras 12, Antonio Muñoz 11) – Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves 48 [12, 10, 14, 12];

William Hill 53 [13, 20, 13, 7] (Liria 12, Stefanos Karakidis 11) – Bayside Argus Reserves 52 [16, 5, 16, 15] (Pedrero 17, Jeremy Britto 16).


GABBA have this season extended their youth boys’ competition programme from 3 to 4 age levels, effective on 1 September 2018, the start date for the current school year.

The first of 3 rounds in the first phase of the League Cups will be played on Saturday, with Valmar Harlem and Bayside Argus in opposition at U13 (9:30 am), U14 (12:30 pm) and U16 (2:00 pm), while Bavaria Blue Stars take on Soldiers at U13 (9:30 am) and U14 (11:00 am), and Laundry La Colada at U16 (2:00 pm).

Before that, the U18 competition starts on Thursday when Valmar Harlem play Bayside Argus (tip-off 5:15 pm).



1st Nov 2018


The following are the participants in the basketball tournament of the NatWest Island Games 2019,

to be held at the Tercentenary Sports Hall from Sunday 7th to Friday 12th July 2019:


Men: Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Saaremaa, Guernsey, Isle of Wight, Menorca, Jersey, Gotland, Isle of Man,Faroe Islands, and Aland.

Women: Menorca, Gotland, Guernsey, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Jersey


1st Nov 2018


GABBA launches the Women’s Under 14/16 league 2018/19 with four teams. Games will be played on Saturday mornings starting on Sat 17th Nov 2018. The four teams are : HUSKIES, PIRATES, TERRIERS, and SCARLET KNIGHT. Click  on the Team logos below for Team Rosters.


Friendly Games

31th October 2018

GABBA Development Teams beat ARMY MEDICAL SERVICES. 

Our GABBA Men's Development Select Team beat Men's Army Medical Services by 69 to 41 whilst our Women's Development Select Team beat Women's Army Medical Services by 43 to 30. 


30th October 2018



A beginners course for referees and table officials will be held on Sat 3rd November as from 10 am until midday at the TSH lecture room 1. We shall explain the basics on officiating and the game scoresheet, and then officiate a few mini basketball games after that. All active referees and table officials  are more than welcome to attend and share your experiences.


24th October 2018



FIBA Commissioner Edwin Yeats and FIBA Referee James Dominique are very active in FIBA European club and national team competitions.

Yeats was in Lisbon (Portugal) last week, where he headed a refereeing trio from France, Russia and Czech Republic for the FIBA Europe Cup game between Benfica and Dinamo Sasarri (Italy).

This week, he was in Mont de Marsan (France) for the EuroCup Women game between home club Basket Landes and BBC Sint-Katelline-Waver (Belgium), with 2 referees from Portugal and one from Sweden.

Next week, he travels to the Portuguese Atlantic island of Ponta Delgada in the Azores archipelago for the EuroCup Women game between Clube Uniao Sportiva and Spar Citylift Girona (Spain), with two referees from France and one from Belgium.


Meanwhile, Dominique was in Porto (Portugal) last week, where he officiated a FIBA Europe Cup game between FC Porto and Alba Fehervar (Hungary) with fellow referees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Scotland, led by a Spanish commissioner.

This week, he was in Girona for a Catalan – Basque clash between Spar Citylift Girona and Lointek Gernika Bizcaia. This game is in the EuroCup Women, led by a Portuguese commissioner, with fellow referees from Portugal and England.

Next week, he travels to Reze (France) for the EuroCup Women game between Nantes Reze and DVTK Miskolc (Hungary), with fellow referees from Portugal and Poland and a Portuguese commissioner.

He then travels to Mont de Marsan (France) for the EuroCup Women game on 7th November between Basket Landes and Fribourg (Switzerland), with referees from Turkey and Netherlands, and a Spanish commissioner.

On the 17th November he has been nominated, together with referees from Andorra and Luxembourg, and a Spanish commissioner, for the EuroBasket Women 2019 qualifying game in Guifoes (Portugal) between Portugal and Israel.


Finally, our two officials will be together in Porto (Portugal) on the 21st November for the FIBA Europe Cup game between FC Porto and Rilski Sportist (Bulgaria), where they will team up with referees from Lithuanian and Netherlands.




Laundry La Colada registered their second consecutive 25-points win over potential First Division opposition, thanks to a blistering final quarter against Gibyellow, after each team had taken a quarter and drawn the third, in one of the only two games scheduled this week, as the TSH is hosting the Netball Festival from Tuesday to Thursday and the Futsal friendlies against Scotland at the weekend.




Bavaria Blue Stars 98 [29, 21, 29, 19] (Angel Guerrero 31, Nicky Gracia 21, Alex Garcia 15, Vic Vicario 12, Jaygan Chipol 10) – Bavaria Blue Stars Reserves 33 [6, 12, 6, 15] (Ruben Mena 10);

Laundry La Colada 72 [15, 17, 14, 26] (Gustavo Guerra 15, Ernesto Onetto 13, Jesus Camacho 13, Javi Guerra 11) – Gibyellow 47 [5, 20, 14, 8] (Rafa Porras 13).



Chronicle 24/10/18


The new women’s national team head coach Luis Romero took his first squad coaching session on Saturday. The session was well attended by the women’s national team players.

A tough session was also mixed with some fun with players also enjoying their first session with their new coach. Romero’s first session was well greeted by many with one member describing the atmosphere as showing “good vibes”.

The squad will be preparing this year for the island games which are to be hosted in Gibraltar. His team will have a chance to test itself this week against visiting UK Royal Army Medical Corps team.




By Heidi A.  Jeffries (Secretary
Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar)

Date 21st October 2018


As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar were invited to attend GABBA's Mini Basketball Funday and Wow! What an afternoon of fun and laughter we had.  A huge thank you goes to Jason McMahon who has once again organised this charity event in aid of our Charity.  Lovely bunch of girls and boys ages 6 - 12 took part in the event showcasing their skills and basketball teqniques.   The Charity would also like to thank John Gonzalez (GABBA President) and Mayor Kaianne Aldorino-Lopez who also took part in the event and managed to surprise us all by scoring a super basket for the parents team.  A total of £230 was raised on the day and GABBA's president has kindly topped it up to a whooping £500.00.  Thank you all for supporting our charity once again.




By John Goncalves

Date 21st October 2018


Jason McMahon represented Gibraltar at FIBA Europe’s U14 Get Together held in Antwerp (Belgium) this past weekend. This annual event brings together coaches from all over Europe and provides invaluable networking and opportunities to exchange ideas and knowledge, beneficial for the development of basketball at U14 and minibasket levels.



By John Goncalves

Date 21st October 2018


The first week’s programme in the Richie Buchanan Trophy competition, which included all the games in the first of 11 rounds which make up the first phase, as well as 2 in the second round, saw Valmar Harlem win twice and so take an early lead, with maximum 18 points.

In what was billed as the top game of the first round, last season’s Cup winners Laundry La Colada enjoyed a big win over a very depleted Bayside Argus, last season’s First Division League champions.

Flamingos, the women’s team playing in men’s competitions for the first time ever, where they will gain valuable practice for next summer’s Island Games, suffered two heavy defeats but there was some improvement in their second game’s performance.




Bavaria Blue Stars 118 [18, 33, 33, 34] (Angel Guerrero 30, Rafa Aradas 23, Raul Garcia 16, Carlos Trujillo 15, Eric Marchena 11, Victor Vicario 10) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 47 [2, 14, 14, 17];

Laundry La Colada 74 [18, 17, 20, 19] (Juandi Camacho 14, Jesus Camacho 13, Gustavo Guerra 12, Ernesto Onetto 12) – Bayside Argus 49 [10, 9, 7, 23] (Jamie Mesilio 17);

Europa 76 [22, 15, 20, 19] (Sean McGlashan 23, Andrew Teuma 18) – Flamingos 22 [2, 0, 14, 6];

Gibyellow 85 [16, 22, 29, 18] (Borja Corrales 23, Jordan Seeley 19, Adrian Barroso  18) – Bayside Argus Reserves 57 [19, 11, 14, 13] (Nacho Pedrero 18, Reagan Lima 17);

Valmar Harlem 100 [25, 28, 29, 18] (Jamie Sercombe 30, Andrew Yeats 26, Marius Grigaitis 23) – William Hill 25 [4, 6, 7, 8];

Valmar Harlem 121 [41, 32, 23, 25] (Sercombe 43, Yeats 27, Mohamed El Yettefti 24, Airidas Viktorov 20) – Flamingos 51 [9, 7, 12, 23] (Anabella De la Chica 11);

 Bayside Argus 72 [20, 18, 22, 12] (Mesilio 31, Abdullah Santiago 14) – Valmar Harlem Reserves 66 [16, 17, 20, 13] (Ian Viñales 26, Jared Olivero 15).




UK’s Royal Army Medical Corps men’s and women’s teams have chosen Gibraltar for their training camp to prepare for the forthcoming British Army Championships. GABBA have been asked to assist in their training programme, and this will consist of a coaching session at the TSH on Friday from 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm, run by Technical Director Adam Cassaglia and Women’s Assistant Coach Brian Tubridy, followed by 2 games for each team.


In these, a GABBA women’s selection will provide the opposition on Saturday at 10:00 am, and on Wednesday 31st at 5:00 pm, and a GABBA’s men’s selection will do likewise on Saturday at 12:00 noon, and on Wednesday 31st at 3:00 pm. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­




By John Goncalves

Date 16th October 2018


GABBA has appointed Luis Romero as Head Coach of the Senior Women’s selection. Born in Barcelona in 1971, Romero has been in coaching since 1987, having worked at all levels with both men’s and women’s teams. His first contact with Gibraltar basketball was during the 7 years he spent working for Basketball Scotland, where he was held in very high regard, winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals in FIBA Europe competitions.


He returned to Spain in 2016, coached Mann Filter u18 for one season, and last season won promotion to the strong Catalonian Division 1 with his current employers CB Nou Esplugues (Barcelona), who have agreed and have obtained the consent of the Catalan Federation to play their home games on Sunday evenings, thus allowing Romero to travel to Gibraltar as often as possible to prepare our selection for their participation in next summer’s Island Games.


His first visit is this coming weekend, when he will have the first session on Saturday at the TSH, between 9:30am and 12:30pm.


GABBA have secured valuable support from Holiday Inn Express Gibraltar to enable this venture to go ahead.


Romero will oversee the training programme, which will be run in his absence by assistant coaches Brian Tubridy, recently appointed Schools Development Officer, a young and enthusiastic coach from Virginia (USA) who has been working with GABBA for the past 2 years and is also coaching the under 14 boys, and Caroline Robba, one of Gibraltar basketball’s all-time greats. Veteran Jenny Coelho has been appointed team manager.

GABBA  joins basketball world in mourning death of FIBA sec-gen Patrick Baumann
By John Goncalves

Date 14th October 2018


“FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann passed away in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He was 51 and had been Secretary General since 2002 and member of the International Olympic Committee since 2007. GABBA President John Gonçalves has sent a message of condolences to the FIBA Office. May he Rest In Peace”

By John Goncalves

Date 12th  October 2018



The 2018-19 season starts on Monday with the traditional Richie Buchanan Trophy competition. Eleven teams will play each other in a round-robin first phase scheduled to be completed a week before Christmas.


The teams placed 1 to 5 will qualify to play for the GABBA First Division League title, and those placed 6 to 11 will contest the Second Division. Before that, however, every team will play in the knockout phase, starting 7 January and culminating with the final on 16 January, which will determine the winner of this prestigious trophy.


In the first phase, where drawn games are allowed, contrary to the usual basketball practice, 1 point is at stake in every quarter. In addition to this, 5 points go to the winning team, 3 each in case of a draw, and 1 point for a defeat, meaning that maximum 9 points in one game will be won by teams winning every quarter.


The doyens of GABBA competition, Blue Stars, founded in 1962, 2 years before GABBA itself, sponsored by law firm Hassans last season, have now become part of the multi-sport Bavaria outfit. They open the competition on Monday at 7:30pm against Valmar Harlem Reserves.


This is followed at 9:15pm by the top game of the first round, between last season’s League Champions, Bayside Argus, and Cup winners Laundry La Colada.


An unprecedented innovation in the shape of a women’s team, Flamingos, will be the star attraction of Tuesday’s game, when they face Europa (tip-off 6:30pm). Flamingos will play in all men’s competitions this season, a measure designed to give players and coaching staff competitive match practice ahead of next summer’s Island Games. This was tried in the past but the women’s team played out of competition.


Finally, on Wednesday, Valmar Harlem play William Hill, returning after a season’s absence, and Gibyellow face Bayside Argus Reserves, both games tipping-off at 7:00pm.


Antoinette Sanderson Elected  Secretary-General of GABBA
By John Goncalves

Date 19th September  2018


Dear friends,

This is to inform you that Antoinette Sanderson was elected Secretary-General of GABBA at the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 17th September. She will formally take over from the outgoing Secretary-General, Edwin Yeats, who recently stood down after 16 years in the post, on 1st October.

Antoinette is a former player, both here and in England, where she also took up refereeing. On her return, she immediately became involved in the local basketball scene and is an active and well-respected referee and table official. She officiated at the 2015 Island Games in Jersey, refereeing the women's final, and is currently officiating a Masters Tournament in Italy, being a regular referee in these events all over Europe.

She is looking forward to her new "job", particularly with the organisation of next year's Island Games basketball competition.  

Best regards,

John Gonçalves,  President GABBA


Press Release
GABBA Officials at FIBA U16 Women's Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania
By John Goncalves

Date 14th August  2018


FIBA Commissioner Edwin Yeats and FIBA Referee James Dominique travel to Lithuania tomorrow Wednesday where they will officiate at the FIBA U16 Women's European Championship in Kaunas from Friday 17 to Saturday 25.

The participating countries are Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey.

Yeats joins fellow Commissioners from Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania, and they will head a team of 24 Referees, including Dominique, who is nominated as accompanying Referee for Netherlands. He, thus, rounds off a busy first season as a FIBA Referee, having officiated a total of 21 games so far.




Letter to the editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle
U18 FIBA European division C gold medallists women
By Francesca Beiso

Date 9th August  2018


Dear Editor,

I would be grateful if you would consider printing my letter in your newspaper as I believe the comments being made around Gibraltar need to be addressed on behalf of our girls, they need to be given a voice.

Let me start by offering a few facts. Firstly when we are blocked as a nation by our neighbour to be able to participate in numerous sporting events we are the first to say no-one should mix politics with sport yet this is exactly what we are doing now.

Secondly when our children, and there are many, take advantage of opportunities across the border by playing in clubs and participating with their club in the Cadiz leagues and on occasion going to the Andalucian Championships no Gibraltarian stops to consider the fact that their child is taking the spot of a Spanish player that would also be entitled to go. If we heed some of the comments made then they would have more of a right to do so.

Thirdly when the boys and senior teams men and women have taken Spanish players to both FIBA tournaments and Island Games previously, no-one has battered an eye yet when our young women achieve an amazing feat rather than coming back to a rapturous applause our girl’s are having to listen to these inappropriate comments. It is no consolation that those individuals posting these comments state they are not targeting the girl’s personally, quite frankly how do you want them to feel when their great achievement is being belittled?

All of our girl’s, and I include the Spanish players, left their heart and soul on the court, I know I was there. Basketball is a team sport and all individuals played a part in winning Gold no matter how small. They have practiced as a team together over the year(s) and I whole heartedly agree with the GABBAs President’s comments in his article in the Panorama where he stated there were three choices.  We take a credible team, we take a very young team including mostly 12 and 13 year olds or none at all. The second option would have meant a thrashing with much more experienced and older girl’s and would have been completely demotivating in my humble opinion yet this opportunity has enabled precisely those young players to gain experience and strive to improve within themselves.

As a final note I would say that we should all take a leaf out of our young women’s book. They came together as one team, our team. No consideration towards race, colour, nationality or creed. They came together for the love of a sport, ALL singing our national anthem under OUR flag which they all chose. I for one could not be prouder both as a Gibraltarian and as a mother!


Francesca Beiso


A proud Gibraltarian 6,000 miles away
By Jason Patron (Rio de Janeiro)

Date 1st August  2018


Bom dia John, Congratulations on an historic achievement regarding the women’s basketball squad. I am a proud Gibraltarian 6,000 miles away. Having lived most of my life away from Gib, thanks to basketball , and having been received with open arms in the US, Australia, Dominican Republic and Brazil, I condem xenophobic behavior in any shape or form. 


The world has become heterogenous and pluralistic in nature. We need to be better than trying to mix politics and sport. In fact, we need to set an example at a world stage, because we have always been victims of anachronistic behavior. By engaging in such xenophobic practices,  we would in essence be doing something that we have been highly critical of other countries in the past. As long as foreign participation is for the good of local sport and within FIBA rules, what’s wrong with that? Of course, it needs to be done in moderation and with the goal of thinking that it will be for the benefit of basketball in Gibraltar as a whole. Humans are animals of habit and embrace the status-quo. Resistance to change is normal, but promoting change and new ideals also takes courage. We need that courage to change and keep constant evolution.  Click here to read more


PANORAMA INTERVIEW                                                       

By Mark Viales

Gonçalves hails historic gold medal but condemns ‘xenophobia’

Date 1st August 2018


The Gibraltar U18s basketball team made history last week by winning a gold medal in the FIBA U18s Women’s European Championship Division C, held in Andorra. This is the first time a Gibraltar Women’s team has made it to podium position, with the highest previous finish at fifth place. The achievement holds even greater standing, considering that Gibraltar was labelled as ‘minnows’ of the tournament and had one of the youngest squads.

John Gonçalves, Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association President, was overjoyed by the ‘unexpected’ win and spoke to PANORAMA on the mental strength of the young side. However, he was also disappointed that some sectors of Gibraltarian society were critical of the team, which includes a number of Spanish players and one Canadian. Mr Gonçalves wished to put right what he considers ‘borderline xenophobic’ comments and bring to light the fact that Gibraltar works well within FIBA rules.


How proud are you of this achievement?


I did not expect this, possibly out of ignorance as we have participated in female FIBA competitions since 1989 and we have never even made it to the bronze level game. The best position we achieved was fifth and I did not think that this team was strong enough because of the high level of the U18s female category.    click here to read more


Rock-Solid Gibraltar celebrate maiden title in Andorra

Date 29th July 2018


NDORRA LA VELLA (FIBA U18 Women's European Championship 2018, Division C) – Gibraltar lifted the FIBA U18 Women's European Championship 2018, Division C for the first time after delivering a seismic 56-49 upset against the previously undefeated Malta in Sunday's drama-packed battle for the trophy.

After placing third in the Group Phase, the Franisco Zafra Ruiz-coached Gibraltar upped their game for the medal round to climb atop the podium in Andorra la Vella with back-to-back wins against higher-seeded opponents. 

Having caught Moldova off guard in the Semi-Final, the rock-solid Gibraltar dominated from start to finish against Malta as well, with their advantage even reaching double figures at one point. click here to read more

Gibraltar upset Moldova, join
Malta in the Final

Date 28th July 2018


Gibraltar clipped Moldova 57-41 with a powerful second-half performance to get revenge for the defeat in the Group Phase. After outscoring their Moldovan rivals 19-3 in the third quarter and 34-11 in the last two quarters combined, the Gibraltarian side cruised to an easy win despite entering the second half of play with a 30-23 deficit.

Marta Perez Castro had a team-high 14 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 steals, while teammate Mireya Benitez Lopez chipped in with 13 points for Gibraltar. On the other end of the floor, Maria Timbalari had a 13-point and 16-rebound double-double for Moldova.

The two Finalists, Gibraltar and Malta, already faced each other once in the Group Phase, with the Michela Zammit Cordina-led Maltese side coming out on top, 77-53, in a one-sided game.

Chus Mateo Academy
International Basketball Camp

Date 10th July 2018


This week we have over 70 boys and girls u14 participating in the Chus Mateo Academy International Basketball Camp organised by GABBA Men's Technical Director Adam Cassaglia and Real Madrid Basketball Assistant Coach Chus Mateo. This season Coach Chus Mateo won the ACB Liga Endesa as well as becoming Euroleague Champions. Coach Chus Mateo is well known as one of the elite coaches when teaching skills development throughout the Iberian Peninsular.

Small Countries Championships

Date 25th June 2018


Gibraltar's men's and women's basketball selections arrived in San Marino and Cork (Ireland), respectively, early Monday morning, where they will participate in the FIBA European Championship for Small Countries.
Both start their programme today (Tuesday), the men playing Moldova at 2:00 pm, and the women also playing Moldova at 8:30 pm BST.
On Wednesday, both are up against Scandinavian opposition, the women taking on Denmark at 4:00 pm BST, and the men facing Norway at 5:30 pm.
On Thursday, the last day of Group games, the men play hosts San Marino at 8:00 pm, and the women take on Malta at 8:30 pm.
Friday is a rest day in both competitions and the placings games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.
The teams in Group B of the men's competition are Andorra, Malta and Ireland, while Luxembourg, Cyprus, Norway and Ireland make up Group B of the women's.
Men's coach Adam Cassaglia has selected S. Britto (captain), S. Buxton, T. Fava, D. Gomez, M. Grigaitis, A. Guerrero, M. Ortega, L. Perez, J. Sercombe, A. Turner, A. Yeats and T. Yome. Fabian Marzan (Head of Delegation), Domingo Moreno (masseur) and James Dominique (FIBA referee) complete the delegation.
Women's coach Marcelo Zubiran has selected G. Anthony, M. Benitez, J. Chichon, H. Currie, A. De la Chica, C. Ferrer, K. Gomez, J. Grech, J. Moreno, M. Perez and K. Sene (captain). Paco Zafra (assistant coach), Jenny Coelho (Head of Delegation), Claire McGrail (physiotherapist) and Shane Bassett (FIBA referee) complete the delegation.

ROCKY Visits Governors Meadow School

Date 12th June 2018


Governors Meadow First School pupils were entertained by Rocky the mascot yesterday. Rocky, the Mini basketball mascot, visited Governors Meadows First School pupils to launch its upcoming 2018/19 Mini basketball Season in September 2018.

Two mini basketball coaches along with Jason McMahon, Director of Mini basket accompanied Rocky.

Mini Basketball Convention
in Matosinhos

Date 2nd June 2018


Jason McMahon, GABBA's Mini Basketball Co-ordinator attended last weekends FIBA's Annual Mini-Basketball Convention in Matosinhos Portugal.

The convention consisted of the Portuguese Basketball Federation giving a number of On-court mini-basketball clinics showcasing their methodology and approach to its Mini-basketball Programme.

over the weekend Matosinhos became the Epi centre of mini0-basketball also hosting games through-out the city with 1200 children showcaseing heir skills from all regions in Portugal. The convention also saw the visit of VIP's of FIBA's governing body worldwide.

Jason McMahon with FIBA President
Horacio Muratore.