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Dear friends welcome to the official website of the Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association. On our website you will find up to date information on both local and International competitions.

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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Dear friends,

I hope you are all in good health and raring to go!

I am forwarding a Social Distancing Programme which I ask you to read carefully. It has been produced by our two Technical Directors and is designed to get basketball back on court, transforming itself, temporarily, into an individual sport, given that as long as social distancing is a legal requirement, full blown basketball will not be possible.

The programme has been sent to the GSLA CEO and to the Minister for Sport and questions have been asked with regard to when facilities will be made available; on what days and at what times; how many persons will be allowed per allocation; and which sanitisation measures will be the responsibility of GSLA and which will be GABBA's.

I will let you know all the answers as soon as I receive them.


GABBA will organise competitions, based on the challenges depicted in the Programme, for all categories, i.e. Senior, U18, U15, U14, U13, U12 (male), and Senior, U18, U14 (female), as Individuals, Teams, and Clubs (see Programme for more details).


Club reps are required to notify the Secretary General (copy to me), by email, in which category (or categories) their Club will be participating, including whether or not they will participate in the Club Challenge (1 player from each of the 9 categories listed above) by no later than Friday 22 May.


These competitions will be under the supervision and control of one of the Technical Directors or a competent person appointed by them, who shall ensure that all the COVID-19 measures in force at the time in the facility being used are strictly adhered to.


A limited number of allocations for non-competitive use may become available, but information on this will not be available until answers to our questions to GSLA are forthcoming. In any event, were these to become available, the Club coach using the facility has to give a written undertaking (by email) that he/she assumes all responsibility with regard to the COVID-19 measures.


It is crucial to stress that breaches of the measures may result in complete withdrawal of GABBA,s allocations.




The Executive Committee has made the following decisions with regard to Senior League and Cup competitions:


1.  If team sports are allowed by no later than 30 September, the League competitions will resume and end before the end of 2020;


2. If team sports are allowed after 30 September, the League competitions will resume, continue into 2021 and amalgamate with the 2021 League competitions, with the winners becoming 2020/2021 Champions, there not being any 2020 Champions.

   NOTE - the above may not be the case in the Women's League as it is almost finished. A decision will be taken later.


3. The GABBA Knockout Cup will not be played, unless the Leagues can resume by 1 September and end by 30 November.


A decision has not yet been made on the outcome of the Youth Leagues.


Stay safe.


Best regards,


John Gonçalves